Baby girl melts 2M hearts with her «serious» conversation with Daddy

Little Arabella just discovered she could communicate with her dad. So she looks up at dada with those adorable eyes and coos her little heart away, not knowing that she’s holding daddy’s heart in her tiny hands.

And Zac does not mind one bit. He’s one happy father!

Zac sits back, puts his feet up, and cradles his precious daughter in his arms as he enjoys the moment. The moment between a father and daughter where time seems to stop and the only thing that matters is their exchange

And even though Arabella speaks in “baby”, Zac understands her completely. Love does not care how it is spoken, as long as it is felt. Just look at how enamored Zac is with his little girl!

Snicky58 shares the same sentiments saying,

“What a precious baby. She was probably trying to say, “I love you, Daddy.”

While another viewer commented,

“That’s a gorgeous healthy baby! She melts our hearts and you are beyond blessed. Cherish every minute you spent with her.”

You bet he will!

It’s common to praise moms for all their work, and rightfully so. Moms carry them for nine months, give birth, stay up all night, and do most of the dirty work. Fathers are seen more as providers who go to work, come home and play with the baby, then repeat the cycle the next day.

However, experts find that dads have that nurturing instinct too.
Parents shared a study on their site,

“Psychologist Marsha Kaitz, of Hebrew University, in Jerusalem, found that when their senses of sight, sound, and smell were suppressed, mothers and fathers who had spent a minimum of one hour with their infant were comparably adept at recognizing her simply by stroking the backs of her hands. And Ross Parke, Ph.D., director of the Center for Family Studies at the University of California at Riverside, tracked parental tendencies during the first two days of children’s lives. His consistent conclusion after many years of study: Men are just as attuned as women to a baby’s cues and just as capable of responding appropriately.”

Now given the choice, Zac would definitely choose to stay home with Arabella. This dad would be more than happy to feed and clean his chatty baby girl while mom gets that much deserved day at the spa.

She’s so cute! Those rosy cheeks are so plump and are just begging for kisses. And the way she kicks and stretches her legs when she coos at her dad is too adorable!

Zac is doing the right thing here. He interacts with her while physical contact is present. It helps create that lasting bond between a child and his parent. You can’t see it but it’s there.

As far as Arabella is concerned, dad’s folded arms is her bed. His scent is heaven and that voice of his is the most beautiful piece of music ever written.

Watch and listen to this precious conversation below!
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