Mom is overjoyed when her two-month-old says, “I love you,”

A adoring mother captures her 8-week-old baby saying, “I love you,” in a beautiful video. Hearing their baby’s first words is always an incredible experience for every parent.

Around the sixth month, most children can make speech sounds that represent the names of their parents or simply items they want, such as a bottle of milk or a toy.

Hearing these phrases may be challenging since a baby can make a variety of sounds and noises, as well as screams, that signify different demands.

Many viewers were startled by a recent YouTube video in which an 8-week-old infant repeats the words “I love you” after its mother. The latter is intent on recording the scene with a camera.

The mother was having a little talk with her tiny daughter about how last Christmas went, which made the kid pleased as she babbled cheering sounds and smiled broadly.

Viewers may debate with this assertion, but for the mother, it was a beautiful encounter with her kid that she was glad to have caught.

Cheering and talking to your kid regularly while looking at each other aids in the intellectual development of their speaking and listening abilities. As a result, it is beneficial to communicate with your child on a frequent basis while performing other household tasks.