It’s an angelic voice! Howie Mandel jaw dropped, and he pressed the button in a panic, the hall sobbed from her performance!

Howie Mandel, known for his straightforward critique and tough standards, was left speechless and with his jaw dropped as he experienced one of the most breathtaking performances of his judging career. The cause of his reaction was none other than a singer whose angelic voice resonated through the hall, captivating everyone present.

The singer’s performance was nothing short of extraordinary. As she took the stage, a hush fell over the audience, and as soon as she began to sing, the crowd was spellbound. Her voice seemed to float effortlessly, filled with emotion and purity that touched the hearts of everyone in the room.

Howie Mandel, who is known for his honest and sometimes harsh critiques, was visibly stunned. He quickly pressed the Golden Buzzer in a state of near panic, a clear signal of his belief in the performer’s exceptional talent. The hall erupted in applause, and tears flowed as the audience was moved by the singer’s mesmerizing performance.

The moment will be remembered as one of the highlights of the season, showcasing a talent that transcends words and leaves a lasting impact. The performer’s journey is just beginning, and the world can’t wait to see where her angelic voice takes her next.